Post for a better path with Mark Lye

When I returned to play professional golf after 8 years of Television and not competing, I developed a couple of bad habits. Both habits resulted in a fade, which soon turned into a slice. I’m sure many of you may have the same problem….so let me show you how I cured those bad habits.

Let me illustrate

Golf-PostUp-MarkLye4Bad habit number one was “coming over the top” and resulted in pulling left of target (for a right hander). Golf-PostUp-MarkLye1The ball would start left, and hopefully fade back on line. As I progressed, the fade turned into a slice because of the second bad habit, which was that my left side was “out of the way” too soon. So…I became a normal weekend slicer like many amateurs try to avoid. The way I was able to get out of these habits was this drill: I lined up my whole left side with a club placed vertically into the ground. I then moved my right foot well back o! of my intended line. From there, when I take the club back, it forces me to take it back on a good plane, and from there, I have to stay inside on the downswing path.Golf-PostUp-MarkLye2Golf-PostUp-MarkLye5 There is no way I can possibly come “over the top” from here. Suddenly after a couple of buckets of balls, I re-established my “hit” on the golf ball. It felt very different from the slice action I had developed. The second key to this drill was to “post” into my left side at impact. My left side was now able to stay with the shot… without spinning out of the way. This “posting” also helped me to practice finishing on balance after contact. After all, one needs to finish all the way to his or her left side after the ball is struck. Golf-PostUp-MarkLye3Golf-PostUp-MarkLye6Just practicing this “posting” gave me better balance after contact. This is one of the best drills I have ever used for getting a better swing path, AND better balance at the finish. It may take a bucket of balls or two to get comfortable with this new action, but I guarantee it will help you in swing path and balance when you move back to your normal stance. Good luck, and good golfing.
Mark Lye played the PGA Tour for 18 years, and just finished up his 18th year in broadcasting on Golf Channel. He is now the Director of Membership at The Old Collier Golf Club. To inquire about membership at Old Collier, please call the club at 239 254 8402.

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