Miss-Hitting PUtts with Mark Lye

miss-hitting-putts-mark-lyeAre you having t rouble hi t t ing your put ts squarely on a regular basis? Wel l , the chances are you may not be staying down long enough when you have the shor t st ick in your hands. Here is a neat l i t t le dr i l l that wi l l help you hit your putts more solidly…and actually make more of them.

Show me the money

Golf-Putting-HeadDown-MarkLyeAll you need is a golf ball and a coin for this drill. I want you to place the coin down (dimes and nickels work best) and then balance the golf ball on top of the coin. Take a normal practice stroke and then address the ball. What I would like you to do now is to take your normal stroke and make contact with the ball. The key is to keep your head down long enough to look at the coin after you have made contact. Once you have identified the coin as a “head” or a “tail”, you may then look up.
Golf-Putting-HeadDown-MarkLye3 Golf-Putting-HeadDown-MarkLye2 When I am “off ” with the putter, it normally is because I have come out of the putt too soon. When I stay down on the putt long enough to look at the coin, I increase my chances for a solid hit, plus my chance for the ball to roll true to target.
Golf-Putting-HeadDown-MarkLye4Golf-Putting-HeadDown-MarkLye5The next time you are watching the PGA Tour or LPGA Tour on television, watch the players’ heads when they putt. You will notice that the really good putters stay down well past ball contact. Sometimes they will not even look up until the ball is in the hole. If you stay down through the stroke, you have done your job…and given yourself the best chance you have for sinking it! So remember, stay down long enough to look at the coin after contact. By the time you look up, the ball will probably be on its way to going in. Good luck, and great golfing.

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