Instant Lessons with Mark Lye – Play It Forward

I’m sure most golfers these days have heard of the new initiative being proposed by the PGA of America, “Play it Forward.” Their idea is for players who are hitting shorter off of the tee in later years to “move up” to shorter tee areas in order to reach the same holes in regulation and to speed up play. I have another way to “play it forward” to improve your swing.

Let me illustrate

Golf-PlayItForward-MarkLyeAt the beginning of the month I was able to play in a pro am in Washington, DC. One of my amateurs was having a di!cult time getting into the shot because he was falling back on his right foot at impact. This happens a lot because we tend to want to “help” the ball get up in the air. I will illustrate. Golf-PlayItForward-MarkLye2Take a look at what I’m doing in the first photo. You can see by my head position that I am too far behind the ball near impact. Where I would like to be is where I am in the next photo. My head position is slightly ahead and my right shoulder isn’t as low in the second photo. This is my ideal hitting position.
Golf-PlayItForward-MarkLye3To help me get into this hitting position I do a drill of moving the ball very much forward during practice. You will notice that in my practice photo. I have the ball positioned well forward of my left foot. In doing this it forces me to “go after” the ball more with my body…and surely makes my right side chase into the ball. After doing this a few times on the practice tee, you will notice that when you put the ball back into the “proper” position just inside your left foot, you can’t help but have your right side more involved in the swing, which is a very good thing. Golf-PlayItForward-MarkLye4Now, you will be able to hit the ball without “helping” it up into the air. A drive needs to be DRIVEN, not lofted or floated up into the air.

This is also a great drill not only for the driver, but also for a lot of clubs in your bag. What happens is that your right side will get active again, and get involved in the shot. The right side is the “power” side for a right-handed golfer. Try this drill and I guarantee you will pick up some of those lost yards. Maybe you won’t have to “Play it Forward” like the PGA of America wants
you to. Good luck and great golfing!
Mark Lye played the PGA Tour for 18 years, and just finished up his 18th year in broadcasting on Golf Channel. He is now the Director of Membership at The Old Collier Golf Club. To inquire about membership at Old Collier, please call the club at 239 254 8402.

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