Instant Lessons with Mark Lye – "Covering" The Shot

Most good players have a good idea what “Covering” the shot means in gol f. Cover ing the shot means get t ing the right side to work proper ly through the swing. It ’s more of an “Around- the-body” swing than most people think. By “around”, I mean away f rom the intended l ine ( l ike a tennis forehand) . For a r ight -handed player, the r ight side is the power side in golf. For gol fers, a r ight-handed player must get the lef t side out of the way, so that the right side can power through to finish. To accompl ish this act ion, keep my right side “high” at impact . The tendency for almost every one of us is to go down at the ball rather than around. No dipping!
Golf-CoveringTheShot-MarkLyeGolf-CoveringTheShot-MarkLye1Notice the set-up position at address and where the hands and shoulders are. What I want to do is return to that position at impact with the hands and right shoulder. Of
course, my body is in action during impact, so a lot of things are going on with the rest of my body. But, the “impact position” should somewhat resemble the “address” position with the hands and right shoulder as illustrated.
The tendency for most of us is to go after the ball with the right shoulder moving “down” toward the ball. As you can observe, the right shoulder gets down alright, but where does it go from here? Actually…nowhere, and you are now stuck. You can see this happening in the second impact photo, which is not only incorrect, but can also be painful on the back.
Golf-CoveringTheShot-MarkLye2 Golf-CoveringTheShot-MarkLye3Golf-CoveringTheShot-MarkLye4I see this type of move all the time, and it is easy to correct. Just have the whole right side glide through, stay as high as you can with the right shoulder while the left shoulder turns left. Hips, hands, and arms will follow through naturally as long as the left side just gets out of the way, and will allow you to have a proper finish. The finish is easy as long as the right side stays high and “covers” the shot. Ask your pro next time about this, I’m sure he will agree that you must be able to “cover” the shot to hit a “better” shot. Good luck, and good golfing.

Mark Lye played the PGA Tour for 18 years, and just finished up his 18th year in broadcasting on Golf Channel. He is now the Director of Membership at The Old Collier Golf Club. To inquire about membership at Old Collier, please call the club at 239 254 8402.

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