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At Home with Dania and Winston Justice

At Home with Dania and Winston Justice

Interview with DANIA JUSTICE:
FINE: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where were you born, what was your hometown like, how big was your family, etc.?
I grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in a family with myself and 3 brothers. I grew up in a very family centered area where every weekend we always had friends over or we were over at other homes. It was great!
FINE: Where else have you lived in the US or the world?
I went to college at Pepperdine in Malibu, California and really enjoyed the West Coast. Once I was with Winston, we lived in Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Denver and now Naples, FL. We moved a lot in Philadelphia but were always downtown in the city.
FINE: When did you meet Winston?
I met Winston at a Super Bowl party in Detroit in 2006. I was in Law School in Jacksonville, FL at the time, but being from Michigan and having Detroit host the Super Bowl, I went back with some of my girlfriends for the weekend. That year Winston had just declared his eligibility for the NFL Draft. His agent, Leigh Steinberg, had a Super Bowl party every year and I was at that party. Winston was there as well and we ended up meeting and talking. He was from California and I went to Pepperdine, so we kept in touch after that party. I would go back to California to see my friends and we would see each other. He was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and moved there. The rest is history!
FINE: When did you guys start your family?
He was drafted in 2006 to the Philadelphia Eagles. We were married the next year and then had our son the next year. We moved just about every year in Philly! Our first place was a 3 bedroom when it was just the two of us. Then we decided to downsize to a loft downtown. Then we had our son and we needed more space, so we moved. We literally moved every year and looked at a lot of homes! We now have 3 children and are in Naples! FINE: What brought you to Naples and how do you like living here full time now? I have been coming to Naples since I was a child with my parents. When I was in Middle School, my parents had a second home here in Naples, so I have been coming here for about 20 years. When I was in college, they moved here full time. My brothers actually went to high school here. We really like living here full time! We feel that the family atmosphere and importance of family is a priority here, and we really like that!

Interview with Winston and Dania JUSTICE
FINE: Naples has a lot of great restaurants and shops, what are some of your favorites?
We really like Lamoraga in Park Shore, and the Sushi at the Ritz-Carlton, it’s the very best sushi in town!
FINE: What are some of your favorite vacation spots?
We like going over to Miami for short trips. We also like California and Hawaii. We had a really great trip to Bali where we stayed at the St. Regis – it was a fantastic vacation! FINE: What are some activities that you like to do here – just you guys? We really enjoy doing cross-fit together. We like trying all of the restaurants here and we love to travel! We also enjoy taking short trips to Miami and other fun places. We have also spent the last two years together in an Executive program at George Washington University getting our MBA degree. We have traveled all over the country together taking classes in many different cities to get our masters degrees.
FINE: Tell us a little bit about your background and how you first got into football?
I grew up in Long Beach, CA and played a lot of basketball. However, I lived in a big football town without knowing it. I lived in the Long Beach Poly district and ended up going to high school there. They were a huge football school that actually had a lot of athletes go to the NFL. I was asked to play as a Freshman but I kept saying no. They kept asking me to play and I finally said I would play – that was after their camp and the first 3 games of my Junior year. They asked me what position I wanted to play and I said I didn’t know, I never really played football. I ended up playing outside linebacker and also point guard.
FINE: Were you a big guy in high school? Did you lift weights in high school?
By the end of my Junior year I was 6’3″ and 250 lbs. I never really lifted weights in High School; we didn’t have a weight room at the school. I didn’t really start lifting weights until college.
FINE: How did you get noticed or seen by the Scouts?
Between my Junior and Senior year in High School, there was a Nike Combine that 5 of my teammates were going to that summer, by invitation. They were highly sought after recruits. I wanted to go as well so one of my teammates gave me the Nike guy’s number and I called him to ask him if I could go to the combine? I guess someone had cancelled so they gave me a pass to get in. I ended up breaking every record at that event! After that combine I started getting scholarship offers. That’s when I knew that I could probably go to college and really do something with this.
FINE: What was a typical week like being part of an NFL team, Monday through Friday, after the game on Sunday?
After the game on Sunday, Monday was not typically a heavy day, but here was the basic schedule for the week: Monday: Get in around 9 am. Get in the cold tub/hot tub first and then lift weights with the team around 10 AM. We would have film at 12 noon which would last until around 2:30 – 3, and then we would leave and go back with our families. They have breakfast and lunch there as well. Tuesday: Tuesday was pretty much a day off. Personally, I worked every day so I would go in and get an extra lift in, watch some film, etc. Wednesday – Thursday: These were work days! Get in around 6 AM, go to the cold tub/hot tubs, and then have a team meeting at 7:30 AM. We would then do “Walk Throughs” around 10:30 AM which would last about 45 minutes. Then we would come in and change into uniform and pads. Practice was from 11:30-1:30 PM, usually a 2 hour practice. We would then come in and shower, have lunch, and then go back to meetings for film or game prep from 4-6 PM, and then go home. So, basically it’s from 6am-6pm! Friday: The same, but we would get home earlier, by about 4 PM. Saturday: Saturday was a walk through day for the plays and a travel day. FINE: What is a walk through? Walk Through just means that you walk through the plays, dressed but no pads.
FINE: What is your preparation for Sunday and for the different teams/players that you would be facing?
If the game was a late game on Sunday, I try to sleep all day and pretend that it’s a morning game! When I was with the Eagles and we would be facing the Cowboys for example, that whole week before the game I would be focused on preparing for DeMarcus Ware. He was rare because he has so many different types moves; he could bull rush or speed rush you. So, I had to prepare for everything with him. When we would play the Giants, I would prepare all week for Justin Tuck. He basically had a straight power move, so I practiced for that. I played against the Colts one time and faced Mathis. He is known for all of his spin moves, which were very effective. I had to prepare for those and how to stop him from getting to my quarterback!
FINE: How tired are you from playing all 4 quarters of a game?
I am not that tired physically after a game, it is more mental exhaustion than physical. Don’t get me wrong, I am still physically tired, but the mental aspect of professional football is more intense! In college, there were always great players and average players on every team. In the pros, however, everyone is extremely good and is prepared for each game. Even the 2nd and 3rd string guys; they are all good. I could not let up even for a second during each game, or my opponent would take advantage of that. So, the tired feeling after a game is more from the mental side of it than the physical side.
FINE: Is there a lot of trash talk going on during the game, the plays?
Yes, definitely, but not usually before or during each play. That happens after the plays and after the ball is down.
FINE: Where is home here in town and what made you select that neighborhood?
Right now we are in Tiburon and we really like it here. We selected it because the neighborhood was nice and close to a lot of activities here in town, and it was a safe community. Before this house we were in Talis Park. We really like a lot of different places here and are always looking at different areas. We also really like Old Naples, Park Shore/Moorings and the Mercato area – we like to be able to walk to different restaurants and shops.
FINE: Naples has a lot of great restaurants, what are some of your favorites?
I have eaten at a lot of great restaurants in my life, but the absolute best steak I have ever had was here in Naples at The Continental down on 3rd Street. I ordered the NY Strip Steak. It was so good, that I actually stood up and started clapping in the restaurant!
FINE: Are you involved in any business ventures locally or elsewhere?
We have a coffee business in Philadelphia called Elixr Coffee Shop that we opened with Dania’s brother. It is a great business and we are enjoying being a part of that. We also have a Roasting Company that roasts our own coffee beans. We are currently supplying 23 shops and restaurants in Philadelphia with our coffee beans. Locally, I am interested in real estate and residential construction. I like the building side of real estate! Naples is very busy right now with building and a great place for property.
FINE FEATURED REAL ESTATE: Winston and his wife currently have 2 homes in Naples. They are both our featured properties this month. Both are currently for sale.
Please enjoy the following featured listings and if you are interested, the respective realtor’s contact information is listed as well: We feel that the family atmosphere and importance of family is a priority here, and we really like that! ” 2558 Escada Court, Escada in Tiburon (Featured Photos and info on page 35) 16671 Pistoia Way, Talis Park.

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