Investors like you are now more concerned about affording long-term care than being able to retire securely

Dustin A. Smith Senior Vice President-Investments Corporate Stock Benefit Consultant Smith Wealth Management Group UBS Financial Services | Toll Free: (800)237-8682 | Direct: (239)254-7122 | Investor concerns always evolve with the changing economic landscape. But recently, the converging factors of rising healthcare costs and increased life expectancy have resulted in the primary worry […]

Give Creatively with Donor-advised Funds

Americans are generous and contribute billions of dollars to charity each year, using a variety of methods. One creative way of gifting is through a donor-advised fund, a separately identified fund or account that is maintained and operated by a section 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donor-advised funds, which offer immediate tax benefits, are becoming increasingly attractive […]

Money Karpus – Who is better off?

Who is Better Off? The top 20% of wage earners, with an average annual income of $223,500 and who pay 67.9% of all Federal taxes, have the most investable assets. They are the clear winners as to “who is better off.” The bottom 20%, with an average annual income of $23,500 and who pay almost […]

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