Baking With Lexie

baking-with-lexieFINE: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
Lexie: I can describe myself in three words: Joyful, Creative, and Positive. I moved to Florida about two and a half years ago from Michigan, and boy am I glad I did!! Especially after the terrible winter everyone had up North this year! I first learned to bake from my grandmother, Miriam. She taught me that the best part of baking is being able to share your creations with the people you love! Who doesn’t appreciate a delicious handmade treat?
FINE: I have seen your cakes and treats up close and tasted them!! They are pieces of art, but edible and oh so good! Did you go to school for baking or are you self-taught?
Lexie: THANK YOU! I have so much fun making each and every one of them! I graduated from the Baking and Pastry program at The Secchia Institute for Culinary Education in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I learned so much from the instructors there about the foundations of baking and the precision required for each recipe to turn out perfectly. Since then, I’ve taught myself about sugar work and decorating. Like anything, it takes lots and lots of practice. My first cake was NOT pretty, but my family was eager to taste test anything I made, no matter how lopsided it may have been.
FINE: Do you have a favorite cake?
Lexie: I vividly remember the bride each cake was made for, and the vision she wanted to create. The fun part is figuring out how I am going to translate that into an edible work of art!
My favorite cakes are any with sugar flowers or lots of filigree piping work. Even though they take a lot of time, I love the detail required for both of those techniques.
FINE: What about flavors? Which is your favorite?
Lexie: How can I choose?! I love red velvet with cream cheese frosting, or sea-salt caramel cake! YUM! We offer over 20 different flavor combinations. Often times, people will do each tier of their cake as a different flavor!
FINE: How many cakes do you make a week/month?
Lexie: Now that wedding season is here, I can make up to four custom cakes on any given weekend. We always have dozens of orders for birthday and celebration cakes that come with our signature decorations that you can find in our bakery.
FINE: You must enjoy your job?! You are always so helpful and cheerful!
Lexie: What’s not to LOVE? I work with a wonderful team and I have such creative freedom! I am so grateful for my job and I truly enjoy going into work every single day!
FINE: What do you love about Naples? Favorite places to eat, shop, etc?
Lexie: Besides everything? This town is unbelievable! I love all of the art shows, festivals, and entertainment that seem to always be taking place! The view at Bayside at Venetian Village is spectacular, so I eat there quite a bit! Their crispy Mahi-Mahi is out this world! I had a chance to meet Lexie at Tony’s off Third and taste some of her amazing creations! She is very gifted at
baking and she is a fantastic person as well! With summer and wedding season upon us, Lexie will be very busy and her cakes and delectable creations are sure to please!
Contact Lexie at 239.262.7999 or

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