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At Work with Todd Turrell

todd-turrellFINE: Where were you born, where did you grow up? What was your hometown like?
TODD TURRELL: I grew up in Upper Arlington, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. My dad was a dentist and Professor of Dentistry at Ohio State. I really wanted to be Jacques Cousteau, but that’s kind of hard to do in Columbus so I went to college in Florida and studied Ocean Engineering and Marine Biology.
FINE: Where have you lived in the US, the world, etc?
TODD TURRELL: I have lived in Florida for well over 30 years, first in Boca Raton while attending FAU (Florida
Atlantic University), then in Naples since 1981. While Naples is my primary home, I spend a lot of time in the Bahamas where our firm works and we play (about 30 trips a year, believe it or not). Thank goodness for our fast, little plane and the new Customs facility at the Naples airport.
FINE: Where did you go to school and what was your major?
TODD TURRELL: After earning my Ocean Engineering degree I went back to school for an MBA from Nova University while working as an Engineer.
FINE: What was your first job out of school and what is the history of how you got into the marine and environmental consulting business?
TODD TURRELL: When graduating from FAU I had to choose between a few different job offers, one in the
offshore oil industry like many Ocean Engineers, one as co-pilot for a small private jet I had some experience on while teaching flying in Boca Raton, and finally the job I took in Naples as an Ocean Engineer.
FINE: When did you move to Naples and why?
TODD TURRELL: I moved to Naples in 1981 and worked as engineer until I was certified as a PE (Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Florida). I started my own business in 1988 o!ering Marine and Environmental consulting services.
FINE: What does Turrell, Hall & Associates actually do as a business? What are some of your past projects?
TODD TURRELL: Our firm provides Marine and Environmental consulting services in Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean at large with experience on other projects around the world. Our Marine work includes anything in the sea or along the coast. We design docks and marinas and help manage and maintain waterfront projects as they are
built and age. My partners Tim Hall and Marielle Kitchener are Biologists and manage the environmental side of the
business along with a sta! of young biologists/engineers who grew up in Naples. We work on land and in the sea,
assessing habitats and trying to balance the impacts of development or public works with nature. We have an excellent team that works with State, Federal and local agencies to address issues and permit the activities of man in the environment. Projects have included permitting and design aspects of many of the marinas and docking facilities around Naples and Marco, various residential and commercial developments, the Naples Botanical Gardens, the
Pelican Bay mangrove preserve and work on Everglades restoration in the Picayune Strand State Forest. Island projects have included the Winding Bay golf course and club in the Abacos, the Albany marina and golf course community in Nassau, Government plans for ports and safe harbors in the southern Bahamas and many, many private island facilities.
FINE: What are some of your current and future projects? I know that your map business is a somewhat new venture, how did that come about and how is it going?
TODD TURRELL: Our map project is indeed new and arose from clients wanting to blow up maps we did in reports for them. I collect antique maps of the Caribbean and Florida going back to the 1600s and was sad there just weren’t maps made anymore you would want to hang on your wall. There are road maps, navigation maps and tourist maps, but we wanted to make a modern, colorful map of our coast just like they did in the old days. It took 5 years, but we have now completed all of southern Florida, the Caribbean and 24 individual maps of the Bahamas.
FINE: What do you like about Naples? Why do you call this home?
TODD TURRELL: Naples has always been a nice clean place to live. I have friends come from all over the world and they always marvel at how tidy things are around here. I can also jump in the plane and be in the Bahamas or the Keys in less than an hour, which we do frequently.
FINE: What are some of your hobbies or what do you like to do in your free time?
TODD TURRELL: I guess my primary hobbies are world travel, exploration of the most remote areas of the Bahamas and I write. Our book on Naples Waterfront history has been well received and I’m working on another one or two good ones.
FINE: Do you have any favorite local fishing spots?
TODD TURRELL: I used to fish in the 10,000 islands constantly, but the last decade or so we have concentrated in the Bahamas where we keep a “liveaboard” dive and exploration vessel.
FINE: What are some of your favorite restaurants here in Naples? What are some of your favorite food items to order at those places?
TODD TURRELL: I love seafood and Italian. Cosmos is my favorite Italian spot where I love the soups and live for the Osso Buco Ravioli! Pelican Bend in Isles of Capri is my favorite, simple seafood spot (best grouper sandwich around). My girlfriend and I went to the Blue Heron, also in Isles of Capri, for her birthday. She had the Cioppino and I had lobster sautéed with mushrooms and shallots and put back in the shell – both were fabulous.
FINE: I know Naples feels like paradise and people come here for vacation, but do you have any favorite vacation spots?
TODD TURRELL: We spend a great deal of time in the Bahamas, which is kind of my second home and I guess
our favorite. We travel the world looking for our next favorite, from Europe to New Zealand, South America and even Russia and Asia – we’re still looking!
FINE: What advice could you give to other business owners and entrepreneurs?
TODD TURRELL: Be prepared to work long, thankless hours in the first few years and always be truthful and honest to a fault.
FINE: Do you have any favorite local charities in Naples?
TODD TURRELL: We support many, such as the Naples Equestrian Challenge and Liberty Youth Ranch.
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