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Golf Tips With Joe Conforti

Taking a lesson vs. technology IT IS ALWAYS AMAZING TO ME to see a golfer play a bad round of golf, get in their car and drive to their local golf retail store to buy a new golf club. We always want to blame it on the “Arrow and not the Indian”. The truth is […]

Audi Q7

We thought you should know: Diesel sports a greater power density than traditional gasoline, which means that a gallon of diesel fuel has about 15% more energy than a comparable amount of gas, and combusts more effectively in the engine. The Audi TDI® clean diesel engine has achieved ultra-low emissions vehicle status in all 50 […]

Audi A7

Did you know? When driving around town here in Naples, there are so many different automobiles to see, different styles, colors and manufacturers. They proudly display their company name or logo on the front hood, down the side, in the back, to announce their arrival. Did you ever wonder about the meaning of the design […]

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