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Challenge: 35 – 50 ft chip shot from o! of the green

You hit a good drive, and then hit an approach shot to the green, but miss the green and
end up just o! the green in the rough. How do you hit a good chip shot to get the ball
close to the hole? What is the strategy? Hit it high and stop the ball, or let the ball roll?
What club do you select?

Here are some helpful tips for this type of shot:

Professional golfers can control the spin of the ball and the distance of the roll after the
ball lands. Most amateurs cannot do this. The strategy of the amateur golfer should be to
get the ball on the green as soon as possible and let the ball roll on the green towards the
cup, using the slope and contour of the green to your advantage.

  • Select a Gap Wedge or 52º club
  • Keep your weight on your forward foot
  • Place the ball in the middle to back of your stance
  • Keep your hands forward in front of the club at address and contact,
  • Swing like a pendulum, going back to about 8 O’Clock and forward to about 4 O’Clock
    the same distance back as forward in your swing
  • Keep your hands and arms in the “y” position at address, in your backswing, and in your
    follow-through – the entire shot in the “y” position
  • Hit down on the ball. Do not try to scoop the ball up or shift your weight to your back foot.
  • The secret is to keep your hands and the arms in the “y” position through the entire shot!

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